La Vitrola

4602 St-Laurent
Montreal, Canada


La Vitrola is unfortunately located on the 2nd floor (41 steps total). There are gender neutral washrooms which are not wheelchair accessible.

Anyone needing assistance accessing our space can contact us as we are more than happy to try and accommodate people to the best of our ability.

Room Sound Reinforcement

2 x EAW 15′ JF650 Passive speaker
1 x Crown 3600-VZ 2 channels Loudspeaker amp
1 x dbx Drive Rack PA+ Complete Loudspeaker Management System
2 x RCF 4PRO 803-AS Active Subwoofer

Stage Sound

2 x Mackie SRM650 Active Monitor speakers
2 x Mackie SRM550 Active Monitor speakers


Allen & Heath GL2800 Mixing Console
32 Mono mic/line inputs, 6 Stereo line inputs
10 Mono Auxes, 8 Groups, 4 Matrixes
3 Main outputs (LR and Mono)
Phantom power 48V, inserts and direct outs on all inputs
Pink Noise Generator


1 x Klark Teknik 360 stereo graphic equalizer (FOH)
2 x Ashly 3102 stereo graphic equalizer (MON)
1 x Yamaha SPX990 Professional Multi Effect Processor
1 x TC Electronic D-TWO Multitap rhythm Delay
1 x Klark Teknik DN-514 4 channels Gate
1 x BSS Dpr-404 4 channels Compressor/De-Esser
2 x DBX 266XS stereo Compressor/Gate

Microphones/DI Boxes

2 x Shure SM58
3 x Shure SM57
1 x Shure Beta57a
1 x Shure Beta52a
1 x Shure Beta91
1 x AKG Perception 150
2 x AKG D112
2 x Sennheiser e604
3 x Sennheiser e609
1 x Sennheiser e835
2 x Sennheiser MD421
2 x Audix D2

2 x Radial Pro DI (mono/passive) DI boxes
1 x Radial Pro D2 (stereo/passive) DI box
4 x Behringer Ultra DI (mono/active) DI boxes
2 x dbx db10 (mono/passive) DI boxes

10 x long microphone stands
7 x short microphone stands
2 x music stands

DJ Equipment

1 x Numark DM3001-X Mixer
1 x Numark DM2002-X Mixer


Control: 1 NSI MC7016 16/32 DMX channels controller
4 x Par38 (250W)
1 x Par38 (150W)
1 x NSI DDS6000 4 channels Dimmer

Video Projection

1 x BENQ MS502 video projector mount with 800 X 600 SVGA; aspect ratio; keystone; and S Video, RCA, USB type B.
We do not provide Mac Adapters.

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