Popolo Press is the in-house print shop of the Casa del Popolo, Sala Rossa and La Vitrola in Montreal, Canada. It is run by Kiva Tanya Stimac and houses letterpress, relief printing, screen-printing, risography, die cutting, bookbinding and foil-stamping facilities. For the most part things are hand-fed, hand-inked, hand-cut, hand-pulled, hand-mixed and cared for with love and attention.

There are three flatbed proof-presses accommodating prints up to 24×34 inches including the all woman-powered Vandercook 320G and two tabletop platen presses for letterpress and relief printing. We house a collection of over 500 fonts of wood and metal type and some really sharp carving knives, as well as a photopolymer plate maker, a  Risograph V8OO and  full screen-printing facilities for both paper and cloth.

My primary output right now is posters, big and small for local events. I also make music packaging, t-shirts, handbills, broadsides, flyers, signs, menus, books, stationery and other paper ephemera.