Technical Info

4873 St-Laurent
Montréal, Québec
H2T 1R6


Standing: 100, seated: 50
Wheelchair accessible

12 ft 8" wide x 11 ft 6" deep
2 ft 3" - stage height
9 ft 5" - stage to ceiling
11 ft 9" - floor to ceiling

Room Sound Reinforcement

2 x EAW 15′ JF650 Passive speaker

1 x Crown 5002 V2 power amp

1 x RCF 4PRO 8003-AS 18’’ 1000 Watts Subwoofer

Stage Sound

2 x d&b Max2 Passive Monitors (55Hz-20kHz – 250W RMS)

1 x d&b D6 2 channels loudspeaker amp/processor

1x Mackie SR1530z


Midas M32 digital console w/ Midas DL32 stage box

32 mic/line inputs & 15 outputs available on stage

40 audio channels

8 stereo FX engines


1 x Yamaha SPX 990 Multi-Effect Processor on M32 AUX 3-4

Microphones/DI Boxes

4 x Shure SM58

2 x Shure SM57

2x Sennheiser e609

2 x AKG D112

2 x Sennheiser e604

2 x Sennheiser e835

2 x AKG D5

1 x Audix D1

2 x AKG Perception 150

2 x Radial Pro2 DI (stereo/passive) DI Boxes

4 x Radial Pro DI (mono/passive) DI Boxes

2 x Behringer Ultra DI 100 (mono/active) DI Box


8 x long microphone stands

8 x short microphone stands

3 x music stands

1 x keyboard stand


1 x Baldwin Upright Piano (No rental fee. $120 plus tax for tuning)


4 x Par 38

1 x LSC PD-DMX 4 channels Dimmer

1 x Microh DMX-Dictator240 DMX Controller

Please Note : If your act requires an additional lighting system we suggest that you bring your own. Be aware that there is only one wall line to support it.

Video Projection

1 x Christie LW650

Connection : HDMI (+ DVI and S-video at the projector)

White Brightness : 6,500 ANSI Lumens

Resolution : 1366x800

Aspect Ratio : 16:9 (WXGA)

Display Type : 3 cm 3LCD Chips

Color Processing : 8-bit

Video Modes : 720p, 1080i, 1080p/60, 1080p/50, 525i, 525p, 625i, 1125i, 480p, 480i

Data Modes : MAX 1600x1200

Lamp Type : 350W UHB bulb

Note: We do not have a video playback device such as laptop or phone. We suggest that you bring your own.

1 x Dragon X 900w

Note: Water-based fluid must be used. If your event requires the fog machine, we suggest that you confirm in advance for it’s availability.

The venue does not provide backline.
Incense, cigarettes/vape pens & any other flammable products are not permitted inside the building.
This list is subject to change.
Please contact us at info[at]casadelpopolo[dot]com with questions.