Technical Info

4873 St-Laurent
Montréal, Québec
H2T 1R6

Venue Capacity : 80

Room Sound Reinforcement

2 x EAW 15′ JF650 Passive speaker
1 x Amp Crown 5002 V2
1 x dbx Drive Rack PA+ Loudspeaker Management System
1 x Yorkville Elite ES700P Active Subwoofer

Stage Sound

Floor Monitors : 3 x Mackie SRM 450 – Self powered with XLR output for extra monitoring in parallel.


Allen & Heath MixWizard WZ3 16:2 (16 channel) sound mixing console
16 mono mic/line inputs, 4 band semi parametric EQ
6 mono auxes send/return with combinations of pre/post switching
3 main outputs (LR and Mono)
built in dual effect processing
Phantom power 48V, inserts and direct outs on all inputs

Please Note : All other external connexions for CD players, mini discs, tape players, or recording devices MUST be 1/4″ male plugs. Possible audio mix in mono for video with female XLR connection.


1 x Behringer stereo Ultra-Graph Pro GEQ3102 Graphic Equalizer (third octave)
2 x dbx 1231 Stereo Graphic Equalizer
1 x AudioLogic 266 Dual Gate/Compressor/Limiter
1 x dbx 266 XL Dual Compressors/Gate
1 x Yamaha SPX 900 Multi-Effect Processor

Please Note : If your act requires additional stage monitors, we suggest that you bring you own monitor. Auxiliary output from the snake and parallel outputs from our current monitors are XLR connections.

Microphones/DI Boxes

3 x Shure SM58
4 x Shure SM57
2 x AKG D5
2 x AKD D112
1 x AKG C451b (condenser type)
2 x Sennheiser e604
2 x Sennheiser e835
1 x AudioTechnica AT4041 (condenser type)
1 x Audix D1

1 x Behringer Ultra DI 100 (mono/active) DI Box
2 x Apex ADP1 (mono/passive) DI Boxes
2 x Apex db100 (mono/passive) DI Boxes
3 x Radial Pro DI (mono/passive) DI Boxes

Please Note : We suggest that connections to Direct boxes (1/4″ mono cables and mono adapters) be part of the performers input accessories.

9 x long microphone stands
10 x short microphone stands

4 x Music stands

DJ Equipment (we do not supply needles/cartridges)

1 x Pioneer DJM900 mixer
2 x Technics Quartz SL-1210 MK5
2 x Pioneer CDJ-900

Please Note : If your event requires the DJ Equipment listed here, we suggest that you confirm in advance for it’s availability.


1 x Baldwin Upright Piano (No rental fee. $120 plus tax for tuning)


Control Box : 1 x Leviton MC 7008 8/16 channels Memory Light Controller
4 x Par 38
1 x LSC PD-DMX 4 channels Dimmer

Please Note : If your act requires an additional lighting system we suggest that you bring your own. Be aware that there is only one wall line to support it.

Video Projection (video playback device not supplied)

HDMI inputs only (no Mac adapters provided)
x1 Christie ds+750 Projector (mounted to ceiling)
x1 BENQ MS502
x2 BENQ MS510 projector
x3 White Projection Screen (takes up whole stage background)
1 x White Screen positioned at Proscenium 8’w x 6’8″h, motorized
1 x White Screen positioned up stage wall 8’w x 8’h